My Mission
  • Hello and welcome to my website.

    I want to help and inspire people with my story, experiences, opinions, beliefs and perspectives etc, show them they’re never alone, never without hope and how everything be-it good, bad or ambivalent happens for a reason.

    That’s why I’m:

    1) Setting up a business for motivational&  inspirational speaking.
    2) Establishing a support network on my website giving people the opportunity to interact with myself, the professional well-established channels and / or with others also registered who may be able to help them.
    3) Writing a book / memoir / autobiography / novel
    4) Building a brand ” A Sense Of Tumour”
    5) Forging a career out of motivational&  inspirational speaking like people such as Nick Vujicic.

    I believe all that I, my family and everyone affected went through happened for a reason. That the impact it had and the changes it made to lives was for a purpose. Although it caused all of us emotional scars and torment and although I’ve to battle the physical, psychological and neurological side effects on a daily basis I hope by hearing the story, seeing the pictures and hearing all I have to say that people will be inspired to live their lives despite their struggles and help them through hard and tough times.

    If we didn’t have the hard times we wouldn’t appreciate the good times as much. I could waste my life away in bed feeling sorry for myself as I did for a number of years after my discharge or I can choose to frame it in a positive way. I know which of those options will make me, my family and my life happier and ultimately give me more fulfilment and purpose.

    I want to help people going through tough times by showing them that they’re never without hope. That they will survive, come out the other side and their lives will go on. ” Life ain’t about how hard you can hit it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward “

    Although everyone has a story mine has been hailed a miracle by a number of people who have lost people to the disease so I believe I went through such tough times etc so other people won’t have to.
    I was once described as a beacon so I want to become a beacon of hope for others.

    The title for the book will be ” A sense of tumour “or rather  ” A Sense Of Tumour part I ” as I’d like to tell my story up to now in that book then maybe 10 years down the line part II and 10 years after that part III to tell the journey / transition after such a story as you grow up and live with it, if people are going through a not too dissimilar experience it will help them at all stages of their experience and also to help people through whatever they need hope for.

    It can also be a helpful tool for the parents and families of people going through illness, treatment or troubled times as although I may be scarred both physically and emotionally but I’m glad it happened to me. I can’t imagine what my loved ones went through, the scars they themselves carry, their inner demons and how they would’ve been helped by a book such as the one I want to write.

    I think I would’ve benefited massively had I met, known or heard somebody who had gone through similar speak from the heart. Perhaps if I did then it wouldn’t have been so hard but then again if I hadn’t gone through all I went through then I wouldn’t be where I am today.

    Also as regards the details etc of the illness, this is just one aspect as for me the aftermath is tougher and each day brings new trials, tribulations and challenges and learning to live with it is no mean feat but i get up and fight it each day and hope to aide / inspire others to do the same.

    If anybody finds the name  “ A sense of tumour “ crass or vulgar etc I apologise  I in no way mean to offend, merely show how a sense of humour has helped me deal with some aspects of my past.

    I was once told that it was a crude name and that “ there’s nothing funny about a tumor. “
    I’m not saying that it’s funny but I’m saying what has happened has happened and in some instances theres no changing the circumstances but you can reframe any situation to give you a more positive, joy filled and ultimately happier life.

    Lastly I just want to dedicate my website and anything I may do in life to my devoted parents, loving family, friends and also the friends and loved ones I’ve lost over the years. You’ll never know how much you’ve helped me, had my best interests at heart and continue to do so.