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    Paudy Byrne Motivational SpeakerPaudys life took a turn for the worst when at 13 he was hit with a number of blows that would affect him for the next ten years.

    In 2001, aged just 15 his symptoms included massive headaches, weight loss, forgetfulness, blurred vision and severe depression were traced to a brain tumour the size of a golf ball in his head.

    What followed was a series of 18 operations on the brain. Even the removal of that did not go smoothly, causing a cardiac arrest and a stroke that weakened one side of his body and put him in a coma for 14 weeks and was given a survival rate of less than 1% by which stage he was confined to a wheelchair ” a drooling, paralysed and vegetated state. ” He then underwent the gruelling and monumental task of having to learn to walk, talk, move and essentially start from scratch having been reduced to the abilities of ”  a newborn baby ”  He was later discharged after almost 2 years in hospital. At 17 he then went back to school to begin where he left off when aged 15.

    After years of recovery that included more setbacks along the way Paudy can now laugh about his experience, or perhaps more importantly, make other people laug and help them through their tough times by amongst other things putting a positive perspective on them.. Although it caused family and friends great pain, Paudy looks upon his experiences as positive ones joking ” cancer wasn’t all that bad, as a result of the chemotherapy I  now save myself a fortune on electricity bills due to the fact that I now glow in the dark lol “

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