I had a dream of time gone by
  • It’s crazy but I still have dreams that I’m in hospital undergoing some form of treatment for a variety of different but ambiguous ailments/problems/struggles. They’re really vivid and _____ like they’re a memory or happening right here right now (well kind of lol, I’m a good 11 years older now lol)
    But it’s weird (need new word) because each dream is a lesson/journey with a desired outcome and a lesson to be learned. They remind me of those Aesop’s fables we all did at school where there’s a moral at the end of each one.
    Last nights for example concluded in me being brought out of the kids ward in the middle of the night on a hospital trolley as I slept. Although at the time I couldn’t walk, talk, move or do anything for myself and was for all intents and purposes a “vegetable” I was able to talk in the dream and was somewhat aware of what was happening to me. In the dream my Dad had stayed all night in the hospital (which wasn’t uncommon back then-love ya’s) but he was in the adults ward, fully dressed and curled up in the foetal position, awaiting some news on a spare bed (unfortunately nowadays SPARE hospital beds are few & far between)
    The nurses then placed me on the bed beside my drowsy and teary eyed father.
    I then managed to get out the words, ” wait, what’s happening to me? ” to which my dad replied ” Son, they’re moving you out of the kids ward, it’s time to grow up! “
    In reality of course this never actually happened and I was in the kids ward until my discharge just before my 17th birthday but I think the metaphor and moral of the story remains the same. Now I’m no Freud and I may well be reading too much into it but this is what I think it meant: Ya see my experiences did require me to “grow up” and mature earlier than most 17 years for the troubled and turmoiled 8-9 years which lay ahead (yes, I know I look older than 26 LOL) in learning to live, cope and adjust to the physical, psychological and neurological battles I face on a daily basis. In the past I would’ve gone to bed for days on end plagued by depression, unable to look myself in the mirror and really just ignoring or sleeping away my problems hoping they’d just disappear but not anymore thankfully.
    I think this particular dream and message and indeed others like them were given/sent to me as a sign by the same higher power who gave me that “gift” (in sheep’s clothing) 11 years ago. A poignant reminder sign that although back then I had to “grow up” / “man up” and mature for the hard times which lay ahead so too should I do the same for what may lay ahead of me in years to come on the road to helping & inspiring those sick, lost or without hope etc.
    I believe signs are given to us on a daily basis on the path to follow in life but most of us including myself occasionally don’t notice them as we get caught up and distracted by living in our heads, the past or the future instead of the now and present moment.
    If you haven’t had a chance yet please check out the “My Mission” page of my site to see my intentions and find out what I’m all about.
    I don’t know what life has in store for me but it’ll be fun finding out. As I’ve mentioned many times I personally believe everything happens for a reason and that although it may be heart breaking to hear, hard to hear or hard to accept eventually we learn to accept what has happened to us or our circumstances,  learn from it, and  grow and mature as individuals. Or as my best-friend, my grand-dad says ” if you’re meant to be hung you won’t be drowned ” LOL. I think these days they say “what’s for ya won’t pass ya by” or alternatively the sentiment shared in that Doris Day song ” Que Sera Sera ” (we all know the words lol)

    After waking from the dream I grabbed my iPod and started typing up this blog entry continuously for 48 minutes with my thumb. That’s essentially like texting NON-STOP for over 45 minutes that’s crazy. Barely able to move my sore and stiff hand I put it through a word counter thinking “ah this must be at least 600 words and sure enough, it came out 699 words- see there ya go, talk about a heightened sense of perception LOL
    (Though come to think of it after writing this long winded and unnecessary piece it’s probably over 800 words making that last paragraph obsolete XD )

    P.S: Just checked it there again, 837  words!




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