• Paudy Byrne, Cancer Survivor, Motivational Speaker

I am Paudy Byrne

  • Paudy Byrne has overcome the odds and made a journey that has taken him from the brink of death, through years of disability and depression to commercial and social success in the difficult world of stand-up comedy.

    Paudy Byrne now works in the small but distinguished tradition of comedians with make fun out of what makes them different.


    The next step for Paudy is to be more serious.  He aims to move beyond making comedy to making real changes in people’s lives; as a motivational & inspirational speaker.

    He knows he has a message to send that can help others through their own difficult times and he aims to show people how they can recover from whatever adversity they face and squeeze the best out of their situation.  And who could argue with that?

    Paudy’s life took a turn for the worst when at 13 he was hit with a number of blows that would affect him for the next ten years

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